Response from my readers requested

ask-question-1-ff9bc6fa5eaa0d7667ae7a5a4c61330cAs I bring my long awaited book (Your 18 Year Factor: how your upbringing shapes your life) to completion, I am requesting feedback from my readers about an important part of my work.

Many parents have asked me to include recommendations on important factors in a healthy 18 year factor.

This is where I am inviting your feedback. What would you consider essential to a healthy upbringing? If you want to wrap your answer in a brief story from personal experience, perhaps (with your permission) I will quote you in the book!

Thanks in advance!

Steve Cornell

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Just another worker in God's field.
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4 Responses to Response from my readers requested

  1. Donna Sawyer says:

    I’m doing a seminar soon on “The ONE THING We Can do to RADICALLY Transform Bad Attitudes” (in the classroom). It is based on attachment science and for ONE HOUR we will be focusing on the ONE THING that can dramatically change a child’s life. Inspired by the research of Dr. Gordon Neufeld (HOLD ON TO YOUR KIDS) and the authors of HOW WE LOVE OUR KIDS (Yerkovich), this ONE THING is captured (with some humor) by developmental molecular biologist Dr. John Medina in a short video describing “the ONE THING we do that directly predicts how our kids will turn out as adults.” [Forgive me for that run-on sentence! 🙂 ]
    I don’t have time to find a better short video to capture this ONE THING, but Dr. Medina does a great job in 7 minutes. Also, check out pages 111- on in HOW WE LOVE OUR KIDS, by Milan & Kay Yerkovich. Perfect capture of the power of ONE SMALL CHANGE.
    Finally, THANK YOU for sharing the love of our heavenly Father in your blog! “How our children see their earthly parents is how they see Me.” –God (The Lord spoke this to me so clearly many years ago and it has changed forever the relationship I have with my children – both in my home and in the classroom.)

    Praying HUGE BLESSINGS on your book!!!!!
    Donna Sawyer

  2. Tom England says:
    Read this and thought of your book. A timely story of God’s redemption in our parenting mistakes. The seeds planted in childhood bearing fruit.

  3. Adam Fowler says:

    HI Pastor Steve,

    I have a story to share as well about my family’s experience with losing my sister Rebecca when she was only 9. Please let me know if you’d like to share my story.


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