Four reactions to culture

How should we engage in truth-based dialogue and persuasion in settings like family, work, community and government?


  1. Angry combatant – calling for a crusade
  2. Political activist – electing the right politicians.
  3. Disillusioned despondency  – taking a sabbatical
  4. Piously disengaged – retreating into an apolitical Christianized subculture — views political engagement is a distraction from evangelism and spiritual growth).

These reactions fail to respect our call to social engagement as agents of common grace. The opportunities and privileges afforded in a participatory form of government should not be taken lightly.

Thoughts for deeper influence

We don’t just need new policies in our nation, we need new ways of thinking. Answer the call (at all levels of life) to shape the minds of people based on truth.

We especially need a renewed and relentless emphasis on human dignity and the importance of the virtue of honor.

The ideological challenge we face is challenging the progressive vision of freedom based on radical individualism.

“We live in an age…

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