Why believe?

Unbelief is a turning of one’s heart away from God to search for satisfaction from something or someone else.


Why Would Anyone Believe in God? (Cognitive Science of Religion Series)After his roles as senior researcher at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Anthropology and Mind, and Lecturer in the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, Justin L. Barrett became the Director of the Thrive Center for Human Development, Thrive Professor of Developmental Science, and Professor of Psychology at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology.

In this work, Barrett explores evidence from cognitive science to demonstrate belief in God as a consequence of the minds humans have. His findings and conclusions are worth considering but we must also examine the cognitive or noetic affects of sin regarding why people refuse to believe. 

In a piece titled, Uncomfortable Unbelief, Wilfred M. McClay suggested that, “‘Unbelief would be untenable without the moral and metaphysical capital created and banked by the belief it displaced.”

There is more to unbelief than many realize. Unbelief involves an effort to live outside of more than just the…

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