Orlando terror act exploited

It is shameful for Anderson Cooper (CNN) to question whether Christians who support gay marriage can express genuine sadness for those who died in the Islamic act of terrorism in Orlando.

If 50 Christians were killed could gays authentically express grief for them when they consistently oppose and protest the right of Christians to follow their beliefs about traditional marriage?

Christians who disagree do not wish death on gays. Extremists Muslims do wish death on gays.

There is a very dangerous agenda being attached to the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando. It is disgraceful to see this tragedy exploited to bash Christianity.

The agenda says,

“If you oppose same-sex marriage or mixed-gender bathrooms, then you not only can’t legitimately grieve the loss of gay lives, you’re partially responsible for the massacre in Orlando. Conservative efforts to protect religious freedom and freedom of association from unprecedented infringement will kill people. Never mind that all the actual evidence in the case points to Islamic motivations extrapolated from well-known and widely shared interpretations of Shariah law, somehow those darn Baptists are to blame.

The result is bigotry running two ways — an unreasoning, irrational hatred of American Christians and a comprehensive denial of Muslim moral agency. American Christians are responsible for things they don’t believe. Sharia-observant Muslims, by contrast, aren’t responsible for the things they do believe.

And make no mistake, said Muslims don’t care a whit what the New York Times, Anderson Cooper, Jen Hatmaker, or any other anti-Evangelical terror apologist has to say. To them, one American life taken is as good as any other. They will attack again, maybe at another gay bar, or another office Christmas party, or a coffee house, or a sporting event, or a church. And when they do, there will surely be some Americans who excuse their actions out of eagerness to blame other Americans, instead.” (David French)

Let’s not play into the fallacy that says difference on morality and lifestyle with another person equals rejection of the person. Of course, this notion itself plays off a false comparison that equates the kind of sex people desire with unalterable realities like racial identity. This is simply wrong. Just ask those who have left a homosexual lifestyle.

Here’s the real problem

Intolerance from militant gay activists is dangerous to both liberty and civility. It encourages resentment and even hostility. This is America. You can’t say, “Agree with us, or else!” on lifestyle issues with out starting a fight. How foolish! Race and chosen lifestyles are not the same and never will be.

Steve Cornell

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3 Responses to Orlando terror act exploited

  1. I don’t necessarily agree that “extremist Muslims” is the proper terminology. I think it’s more appropriate to label these as “devout Muslims”, or “good Muslims” who know the Qu’ran, believe it, and obey it. I think it’s very important that we convey the message that as a Muslim grows in their faith and becomes a more devout follower of Muhammed, they should want jihad, the caliphate, and every other murderous, tyrannical teaching of their faith.

    There is great irony. Islam has a huge gay undercurrent; the Qu’ran alludes to
    the reward of little boys in the heavenly realm. There’s massive sexual perversity inherent in the Muslim faith and practice. The Orlando murderer himself was frequenting gay websites and gay bars.

    Anderson Cooper has such an overt anti-Christian, pro-gay agenda. He uses (abuses) his platform to spread his ideology. This is pretty much the case for all of the mainstream media and even Fox seems to proselytize for social and sexual liberalism.


  2. stephanie says:

    The darkness hates the light. Jesus warns us that his followers will be hated because they hated him first. It’s going to get worse.


  3. lindalreese55 says:

    all hate against anyone is wrong and one day it may turn to you and yours that have been doing the hating and how do you think you will feel when it hits your home/your life of those you care about or love????


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