Your feelings are rejected

Why are we told by the transgender activists that we cannot question a man’s motives when he says he feels that he is a woman, but we are to be suspicious of a woman’s motives if she feels unsafe when a man enters a ladies bathroom or locker room?

Whatever happened to women’s rights?

Can a man (whom we were told was born gay) now decide to be a woman? Are we forbidden to question these self-proclaimed identities?

If a person feels unsafe in the state of California and requests a permit to carry a gun, officials will quickly question and dismiss his feelings as invalid.

Whose feelings are beyond scrutiny and evaluation? 

This kind of double standard has become so typical of radical activists who demand that society conforms to their sexual and political agenda.

Do you see something wrong with this?

Make your voice heard loudly and clearly to every government official and business that foolishly panders to this radical agenda being forced on our nation.

Steve Cornell

About Wisdomforlife

Just another worker in God's field.
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