Five kinds of people in the Church


1.  The professional weaker brother / sister – A legalist by nature, they are characterized by 1) a simplistic view of spirituality, 2) a belief that spirituality is defined by adherence to a list of dos and don’ts, 3)  the opinion that all others should conform to such a list, and 4) they tend to be a “mature” saint who will not actually stumble over the actions of others – they just don’t like what you do.

2.  The genuine weaker brother / sister –People who are still babes and are susceptible to stumble in the area of doubtful things.

3.  The mature, nonparticipating brother / sister –They limit their liberty for 1 of 2 reasons:  1) They don’t have freedom for a certain area or 2) They refrain because wisdom has taught them that it is not necessary.

4.  The immature, participating brother / sister…

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