Arrogant media fears Trump’s arrogance?

I find it interesting when certain ones in the media complain about Trumps’ complaints against the media.

I’m particularly intrigued by those on the left that fear that Trump will somehow silence their freedoms to speak out.

Ironically, those complaining the loudest are the ones who show the least tolerance for views that differ with their own on many issues.

They are quick to insist on only one way to think and talk about a growing number of subjects.

They operate in a world,for example, that demands unquestioned support for abortion (disguised as women’s rights or health), full endorsement of gay marriage (disguised as a civil right and defended with manipulative accusations of bigotry and discrimination toward those who disagree) and devotion to big government (disguised as income equality and compassion for the poor).

These are non-negotiable litmus tests for left-leaning media (and for the democratic party). Zero tolerance is permitted for different viewpoints. If you dare to disagree, prepare to receive condescending ridicule, snarky smirks and belittling tones. These reporters operate with a “See it our way, or else!” posture. And they complain against Trump?

The intolerant are fearful of intolerance.

Those who are quick to tell us  how to think and talk on a growing number of issues fear that Trump might challenge their “ideological” arrogance.

Perhaps they resent the fact that Trump says things that they think should count him out but he keeps winning. They have worked so hard to manipulate and control viewpoints on many subjects. They want people to be counted out if they take different positions.

How dare Mr. Trump disagree with them and get away with it!

Perhaps this jolts their worldview a little too much. They make the very big mistake of believing that most Americans agree with them.

Think about it.

Steve Cornell

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2 Responses to Arrogant media fears Trump’s arrogance?

  1. Just as Target’s recent decision allowing men in the same bathrooms as little girls, there is a slice of America who live in an altered parallel universe, not the real world. Most of those who end up in the media seem to be educated at the same places and live surrounded by others in the same bubble. Manhattan values are far from mainstream common- sense American values.

  2. stephanie says:

    Trump said he would protect the Christians. That goes against the world/media. Related to another article written here, the dog and swine want to sit in filth without guilt. Pray that God helps us. The attack is on our children (TV/Disney, schools, bathrooms/locker rooms, false religions, etc..). Days of Noah.

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