We are unworthy servants


luke-1710In the parable of the unworthy servant, Jesus, the Master Teacher, used a lengthy rhetorical question expecting a negative answer. As he typically did, Jesus used a well-known reality of first century life to make a powerful point about what discipleship to Him looks like.

A rhetorical trap

Jesus offered a picture of a small landholder with one servant who performs various duties. He starts the story from the perspective of the master and uses an absurd recommendation to set a kind of rhetorical trap. The simple point of Jesus’ words is that the servant who completes the work expected of him does not in any way put his master in debt to him or under any obligation to him. They get this point from the reality of cultural expectations.

Jesus snaps the trap 

Then Jesus snapped the rhetorical trap by shifting to the perspective of the servant and what it means…

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