A call to speak up for freedom

2c80b-newyear2013goalsandresolutionsFirst Things reported a story about a municipal judge being treated for believing in traditional marriage (link below).

“Even though the question of gay marriage is irrelevant to her job. “Can one not hold public office in the United States now unless one is committed to the latest ideological fad, regardless of whether that fad is actually relevant to one’s work?”

“Could one be a public school teacher—or a teacher of any government accredited school for that matter—unless one subscribes ex animo to whatever the creed of the day happens to be? And where will this end?” (First Things)

A call to action

We must find every way possible to graciously but firmly stop this militant intolerance.

Freedom is now being defined for you. You either agree with this politically mandated way of seeing and speaking or you’ll be labeled a hater, homophobe, transphobe, bigot, etc…

How long will we sit silently by and be manipulated, bullied and coerced by this radical agenda?

Defending freedom has always been costly. Let’s boldly and sacrificially defend our freedoms as many others did for us!

See – Judge Dread

See also – Are restroom laws that respect privacy the equivalent of Jim Crow laws?

Steve Cornell

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