Can prison inmates choose gender identity?

After you resolve the matter of  gender change for 750,000 registered sex offenders in America, perhaps you can tell us what to say to the prison population.

There are well over 2 million people in prison in the US and about 50 thousand juveniles in juvenile detention. 5 million Americans are on some kind of parole.

Will these people be permitted to choose a gender identity different from their biological identity on their birth certificates?

Our prisons (not surprisingly) are strictly divided between male and female. And at this point the federal government does not permit prisoners to switch prisons based on professed change of gender identity.

Is this a notable contradiction?

Why shouldn’t we trust prisoners on gender change?

Perhaps wisdom and common sense (which seem in low supply) tell us that there’s just too much risk involved.

Yet schools are being forced to explicitly and unquestionably trust children to choose their gender identity. A school that dares to suggest these children could benefit from guidance or counsel is at risk of a lawsuit.

It’s very hard to imagine rational and compassionate adults allowing this kind of foolishness.

 But fear of retaliation has driven many wise and caring adults into silence.

They realize that those who doubt or question the validity of gender identity risk being labeled haters, bigots or psychologically deficient trans-phobics. There’s even risk of losing your job.

Americans are being forced to comply with a militant group of intolerant people who say, “See it our way, or else!” Sound familiar?

On the State level (as in the case of North Carolina), failure to fully comply with the mandated way of seeing things is to risk loss of an opportunity to host a major concert or football game.

Non-compliance will also be followed by decisive intimidating threats from the White House itself! The Department of Justice bypassed Congress and used financial blackmail to coerce North Carolina to disregard a law that passed overwhelmingly in their State legislature.

This is almost unbelievable. Are we now at a point where doing what is wise and caring requires courage?

Please don’t be naive.

There are many deviant men who will pretend to be transgender to gain access to vulnerable girls they want to exploit and abuse.

How many Americans will remain silent while a small number of people force this radical agenda on our lives?

This kind of coercive intolerance must not succeed. Caring and wise citizens must boldly take every opportunity to stop this radical agenda.

Let your voice be heard.

Start by sharing this post.

Steve Cornell

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