Why bitter people are difficult to help?


When you’ve been unjustly treated or hurt by others, be careful not to multiply the pain through your emotional response.

If we allow feelings of hurt or betrayal to germinate and grow, emotions like anger and resentment can easily feed the early stages of  bitterness.

Bitterness is typically based on feelings of justified anger. As bitterness takes over, it darkens your outlook with negative perspectives and can lead you into an overall cynical perspective on life.

The cluster of destructive emotions surrounding bitterness feed off each other to produce a heart controlled by resentment, hatred and revenge.

Yet bitterness is not easily detected when it begins to grow. It doesn’t typically start as a destructive emotion.

  • Bitterness initially disguises as a form of relief by offering a kind of emotional retaliation.
  • Bitterness can easily become a protective mechanism used to guard cherished resentments.

It can feel good to be bitter because bitterness…

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