Leave your grudge with the Judge


  • How do you respond to those who hurt you?
  • Have you ever been hurt badly enough that you find it hard to forget?
  • What do you do when your heart is weighed down with anger and resentment?

Some people collect their grievances and store them in a grudge account. When it’s too difficult or risky to get actual revenge, it seems easier to use emotional retaliation by resenting and hating the one who hurt us? But what else can we do? The “forgive and forget” stuff sounds cheap and impossible.

  • Do you collect grievances? 
  • Do you keep a grudge account?
  • Do you cherish your resentments?

People who do these things have a problem far beyond the actions of those who hurt them. These are matters that significantly hinder the worship of God. 

Have you ever thought of forgiveness as an act of worship?

What you’re about to read could…

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