Warning: Dangerous people


We all might catch ourselves being antagonistic on occasions, but some people are dangerously antagonistic

The person who stirs up dissension in the Church is one of them.

I am not talking about taking necessary stands for truth or using proper means for expressing concerns.

These are people who are causing divisions in unnecessary and destructive ways.

Be alert! 

There are individuals who use a variety of deceitful tactics to alienate people from each other. They take strange (but often subtle) pleasure in dividing people, especially if it draws a following for themselves or makes them look better.

They use veiled accusations, ask questions with raised eyebrows, or resort to deceitful innuendo. They draw attention to the faults of others by subtlety joking about perceived weaknesses in them.

These are typically insecure people who look for ways to bring attention to the faults of others to make themselves look…

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