The heart wants what it wants


If being selfish brings so much trouble to everybody, including oneself, why be that way?

“Because, as the filmmaker Woody Allen said in 1993, trying to explain his controversial affair with the young daughter of Mia Farrow, ‘The heart wants what it wants.”

“Because the hearts wants what it wants. That’s as far as we get. That’s the conversation stopper.”

The imperial self overrules all.

“Inquiring into the causes of sin takes us back, again and again, to the intractable human will and to the heart’s desire that stiffens the will against all competing considerations. Like a neurotic and therapeutically shelf-worn little god, the human heart keeps ending discussions by insisting that it wants what it wants.”

“Our core problem is that the human heart, ignoring God, turns in on itself, tries to lift itself, wants to please itself, and ends up debasing itself. The person who reaches toward God…

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