8 dynamics of addiction and a plan for change


  • Have you ever been caught in the grip of addiction?
  • Do you know someone held hostage by addiction?

It could be alcohol, tobacco, food, gambling, pornography, drugs, exercise, sleeping, or spending money.

The destructive effects of addiction are not only  significant in the life of the addict, they are also painful to those close to him.

Addictions can leave a trail of shattered lives.

One of the first steps to overcoming a controlling habit is to understand what it is and how it has a hold on you.

Consider eight dynamics common to addiction

  1. Repetition of pleasurable and therefore habit-forming behavior, plus escalating tolerance and desire.
  2. Unpleasant after effects of such behavior, including withdrawal symptoms and self-reproach.
  3. Vows to moderate or quit, followed by relapses and attendant feelings of guilt, shame and general distress.
  4. Attempts to ease this distress with new rounds of the addictive behavior (or with the first rounds of a companion addiction).
  5. Deterioration of work…

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