Avoid all appearance of evil?


Don’t you hate it when people misuse the Bible to support their agendas?

It’s especially disturbing when it’s done specifically to condemn others. 

Let’s be careful not to act as if we speak with God’s authority unless we know that we’re accurately representing God’s revealed will in Scripture.

Case in point.

I’ve repeatedly heard 1 Thessalonians 5:22 misused in the Church.

When the apostle Paul wrote, “Abstain from all appearances of evil” (KJV), the popular application leads us to believe that he meant “avoid anything that looks like evil.”

This is not what is intended.

“Evil” in verse 22 is contrasted with “good” in verse 21. “Good” is used with reference to prophetic utterances (mentioned in verse 20) which upon examination (verse 21) are found to be genuine. In this context, “evil” likely refers to counterfeit prophetic utterances.

It’s important to examine the immediate context of a verse…

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