Science can’t give us all the answers


 1ba68-god2527sblessingsAre humans products of some impersonal force operating on the primordial ooze and differing from animals by only a few genes?
  • “….we may assent to the idea that we are but matter in motion, seldom do we act that way. We love. We fight. We distinguish between the good and noble and the bad and base.”
  • “More than just religion, our literature and our politics and our music resonate precisely because they speak to these things” (William McGurn).

The wonders of human achievement and the moral dignity we ascribe to human beings cannot fit the claim that we are no different from animals.

  • Human creativity, love, reason, and morality all seem to indicate that humans are creatures of extraordinary unique distinction. The undeniably clear discontinuity between humans and animals cannot be overlooked.
  • Humans think, feel, and choose in profoundly deep and relational ways. But what accounts for this?…

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