7 truths of Christianity


How could we best summarize Christianity to others?

The apostles used a three point message about Jesus:

  1. You killed him.
  2. God raised him.
  3. We are witnesses.

This is not everything they taught about Jesus Christ. An expanded focus could include seven main points. Each one is simple and profound. A child could learn them and a theologian could spend a life time exploring their depth. Meditate on this great message. 

The summary of what God has done for us (and will do in the future).

  1. He came into the world
  2. He died on the cross
  3. He was buried in a grave
  4. He rose from the dead
  5. He appeared to many
  6. He ascended to the Father
  7. He is coming again 

(For more: Jesus Christ)

Steve Cornell

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