How should I dress for Church?


When people dress inappropriately for Christian fellowship it creates a serious credibility problem. 

If you encounter people who are not dressed properly for Church, please encourage them to change.

Stay with me. This might not be what you’re expecting.

Urgently needed message 

A failure to wear the right clothing for Christian fellowship could significantly damage the reputation of your Church. It might even cause people to question the authenticity of the gospel.

But wait!  

Don’t misunderstand what I am saying. I am not suggesting that we judge others based on outward appearances!

People in traditional Church clothes could possibly be the least appropriately dressed for Christian fellowship.

We know that those who opposed Jesus’ earthly ministry were the best dressed of society. They were also the most self-righteous. 

The ultimate issue is not physical clothing at all.

But let’s at least review what we know from Scripture before…

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