Overcoming discouragement


Discouragement has a way of sucking the wind out of our sails! It deflates our hope. It crushes our spirit.

 If we hope to conquer discouragement we need to understand that it is not just an emotion. Discouragement is also a frame of mind.

When we’re discouraged we tend to focus on how we feel. But the remedy for discouragement is far more than an emotional change.

The word “courage” is part of the word Discouragement. Discouragement is a “dis” on courage! It’s a loss of courage; a loss of hope and confidence.

Disheartened” is another word for explaining the same feeling. It’s a loss of heart. We recognize this when people say, “My heart isn’t in it.” or “I just don’t have the heart for it.”

More than a feeling

Although we experience discouragement as an emotion, discouragement always involves a loss of…

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