A neglected area of teaching in the church

cropped-CommongracelogoHow would you answer these questions

  1. How does the affirmation that, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it” shape my calling as I serve God?
  2. How does the affirmation that all people are created in God’s image shape my calling as I serve God? How does it shape the way I view those who live in the world?
  3. Are salvation categories adequate for how we understand God’s disposition toward human beings, both redeemed and unredeemed?
  4. How do we remain serious about lines between belief and unbelief (between those who live in the boundaries of saving grace and those who do not), while at the same time showing active appreciation for all that is good, beautiful and outside of those boundaries?
  5. How should our knowledge of God’s common grace and revelation of Himself through creation be reflected in the outreach ministry of our church?

The 10 audio messages below focus on these questions.

  • This is an urgently needed theme for churches (especially for Church leaders).
  • These message are particularly important to hear if you come from more of a fundamental Christian background or from the reformed tradition of theology.

This is clearly a neglected area of teaching in many churches.
Agents of Common Grace (part 1)
Agents of Common Grace (Part 2)
Agents of Common Grace (Part 3)
Agents of Common Grace (Part 4)
Agents of Common Grace (Part 5)
Agents of Common Grace (Part 6)
Agents of Common Grace  (Part 7)
Agents of Common Grace (Part 8)                                                                                                      Agents of Common Grace (Part 9)

The final message below relates significantly with our calling as agents of common grace:

Steve Cornell

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