Three steps for knowing God’s Will


The Garden Path by mtytoChristians look to the Bible to discover God’s will for their lives. But Scripture doesn’t address every issue of life.

How can we discern God’s will on matters not specifically addressed in the Bible?

Let’s first be clear that we are always responsible before God to make wise decisions. 

We are stewards entrusted with resources from God for wise decision-making. The time will come when we will answer to God for all we have done in this life (II Corinthians 5:9-10).

Let’s also be clear that on matters not specifically addressed in Scripture, God does not require us to discover His decisions. God has provided adequate resources for making wise decisions.

It is our responsibility to make right and wise decisions. God’s revealed will (in Scripture) offers many truths and principles that apply in some way to all matters in life.

3 steps for understanding God’s will

Three steps will help us walk in God’s will through all decision making.

1. Yield


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