When faith causes doubts


Some struggle with doubt but faith has often caused me to struggle.

Let me explain

  • I believe that God’s love is so great that He is love.
  • I believe God is all-powerful – as we sing, “There’s nothing that he cannot do.”

Sometimes, however, these beliefs are difficult to reconcile with life in this world.

When I see the desperate circumstances of others, compassion compels me to help and to pray. This is where faith can become a little confusing.

When I realize that I can’t do anything to alleviate the pain and suffering (especially of those whom I love), my faith is unwavering in the fact that God can do something to help.

Yet when I pray and do not observe any changes that alleviate the suffering, or, sometimes, it becomes worse, then I struggle to understand why God doesn’t seem to answer the cries of my heart…

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