Confused by suffering


c4b29-why-tragedy-sufferingMany of us learn how to put smiles on our faces in public while feeling far differently on the inside.

Life can be hard.

And some of the deepest hurts are not always our own but come from our love for those who are hurting.

Pain and confusion will multiply many times in this life when you choose to care about others.

The pain, losses and setbacks of life can be excruciatingly confusing. And the confusion often intensifies when we try to understand how God relates to suffering.

It’s easy to think of God as the one who could solve our problems. After all, we know that He loves us and has the power to change anything. Why is it that God doesn’t seem to answer our prayers for relief and lift our burdens? Why does He let us suffer? 

Review some basic truths and commitments 

1. We cannot overlook…

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