You must forgive


Jesus taught His followers to include forgiveness in daily prayer. Along with a request for daily bread, he taught us to pray:

“Forgive us the wrong we have done, as we have forgiven those who have wronged us” (Matthew 6:12 N.E.B.).

Recognizing the brokenness of our world, Jesus taught his followers to anticipate two daily needs:

  1. The need to receive forgiveness
  2. The need to offer forgiveness.

Jesus knew there would be occasions (daily) when they would sin against God (and need to receive His forgiveness) and occasions when they would be sinned against (and need to offer forgiveness).

If we ignore either one of these needs, the results are personally and relationally destructive. A failure to receive forgiveness results in unresolved guilt. A failure to offer forgiveness results in unresolved anger. Unresolved guilt and unresolved anger are physically, emotionally, and spiritually debilitating. They also easily multiply into other sins because they alienate us…

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