God is our refuge


The Psalms are deeply cherished because they openly express many of the emotions we feel.

Unlike a stoic legalist, the Psalmist expresses the full range of emotions in worship and prayer. He does not pretend he has it all together.

After working through things in the context of his relationship with God, he does not allow wrong responses to gain final control over his heart.

Sometimes he is anxious and fearful; Other times he is despondent and discouraged. Sometimes he loses perspective (and envies the prosperity of ungodly people); at other times he vents in anger over injustices. Sometimes he overflows with joy and praise. Other times he struggles through dark questions — feeling helpless and hopeless.

Whatever his frame of mind, he directs his thoughts and feelings to the God he loves and longs for.

He works things out in God’s presence.

Isn’t this what we should…

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