Don’t be cruel to yourself


The year was 1855. The pastor was only 20 years old when he delivered his sermon in a little chapel in England. His name was Charles Spurgeon.

He introduced his sermon with a question and a solution:

Question – “Would you lose your sorrows? Would you drown your cares?

Solution – “Then go, plunge yourself into the Godhead’s deepest sea; be lost in His immensity. And you shall come forth as from a couch of rest, refreshed and invigorated. I know nothing which can so comfort the soul; so calm the swelling billows of sorrow and grief, so speak peace to the winds of trial, as a devout contemplation of the Godhead.”

“No subject of contemplation will tend more to humble the mind, than thoughts of God… But while the subject humbles the mind, it also expands it. He who often thinks of God will have a larger mind than the…

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