The ways of God with a wayward servant


  • Do you tend to think of the book of Jonah as a story about a man and a great fish?
  • If you do, let me challenge you to see it differently.

This book offers four deeply insightful chapters on the ways of God with a wayward servant.

I completed my 12th sermon in the book of Jonah last Sunday. It has been a great study for me and for our church family.

I am honored to be able to make these messages available for you.

I am privileged to have a large number of leaders who frequent Wisdomforlife. If you are one of them, I especially encourage you to invest some time listening to these messages. Perhaps it will inspire you to teach through the book.

Jonah’s decision to reject God’s call to warn Nineveh about coming judgment was made long before God called him. He allowed his heart to be conditioned with growing resentment toward the people God called him to reach.

When a man flees or falls, he rarely falls far. He was already there.

Instead of giving up on Jonah, God patiently and graciously pursues his servant with a variety of intriguing means.

God put Jonah through an aquatic school of discipleship to get him ready to hear the call of God a second time.

Was Jonah all in when God gave him a second opportunity? No. Chapter four makes that clear. So why did God use him?

Listen and learn with me as we meet God in the book of Jonah

Steve Cornell

About Wisdomforlife

Just another worker in God's field.
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