Do we really need the “Do not….” commands?


There’s a list of laws in the Old Testament regulating matters of justice and mercy that are sadly necessary wherever humans live together.

The very existence of such laws tells us something important about humanity.

When you consider what I am suggesting, ask what it says about us that such laws are necessary.

I realize that the laws listed below were given to guide a particular group of God’s people and (as with the rest of Old Testament law) should not be applied as binding upon all people at all times.

Yet reasonable people will agree that the concerns addressed in the laws are necessary for protecting civil community for all people.

My interest here is why humans need to be told not to do these things. Are we that bad or potentially bad to need such laws?

Laws regulating justice and mercy

  • “Do not spread false reports. Do not help…

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2 Responses to Do we really need the “Do not….” commands?

  1. Matt Bowes says:

    Whenever I see a warning label on a product and it includes some strange situations, for instance “Do not use in bathtub” on the side of an electronic product that is not designed to be used in the bathroom, it indicates that someone, somewhere decided this was a good idea and then tried it, with disastrous results that lead to the manufacturer now telling people to not do this.

    Some things seem absurd and unthinkable on the warning labels. Then again, sometimes you think, “I wonder if I could use this in the bathtub? There’s no warning label saying not to.”

    Back to the OT laws/warnings. When dealing with the lowest common denominator, which is all of us, yes, we need to be urged to do the right thing. It is comparatively easy to see that guy we hate’s donkey all broken down and think, “Serves him right, that bar sinister.”

    But all those laws point to doubling down that Christ did when he looked at the law and made it thought-sin, not just do-sin. Love the person that hates you, by helping his donkey and thus helping him. That’s very NT, even though it’s codified in the OT. The nice thing is that with the NT, we have a helper (holy spirit) that permits us to do things that the OT people may have found impossible to understand or even contemplate, even if it’s codified in their laws.

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