No one came to my support


Imagine what the apostle Paul experienced – “At my first defense, no one came to my support, but everyone deserted me” (II Timothy 4:16).

No one? Everyone deserted him?

How could it be?

Paul was one of the primary Christian leaders at this time. He had led many to Christ and planted numerous churches. He spoke of many meaningful relationships in the Churches.

He also sacrificed greatly on behalf of many people. He was a teacher and an apostle of the Church. And yet no one came to his support? Everyone deserted him?

How could so many abandoned Paul in his time of need? 

Think about it. No one cared enough to show up.  

Have you ever been forgotten?

How does it feel to be forgotten and deserted? 

Paul could have said, “Well, Well, I guess I’ll think twice before I sacrifice myself for these people.” “After all I’ve…

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