5 questions about war


1. Is it possible to execute a ‘Just’ war?

Violence and war are evidences of human depravity. But God ordained a role for human government to punish evil doers (Gen. 9:6; Rom. 13:1-4). This means that measured uses of force against evil can be executed with moral justification. Could this apply to wars aimed at the restraint and punishment of evil?

A Just-war theory suggests that it’s possible for a war to be justly initiated and (to a large extent) justly executed. Sometimes war is the God ordained function of human government to defend against violent aggression and to protect the innocent.

2. What would you say to Christians who follow pacifism?

From a Christian perspective, the pacifist position of non-violence in all circumstances is a failure to make a connection between two chapters of the Bible (Romans 12 and 13). Romans 12:17-21emphasizes the need to absorb and overcome evil

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