The Bible – God’s will in a context of concession


In a recent post, Tim Keller expressed frustration over reading or hearing “columnists, pundits, or journalists dismiss Christians as inconsistent because ‘they pick and choose which of the rules in the Bible to obey.’ What I hear most often is ‘Christians ignore lots of Old Testament texts—about not eating raw meat or pork or shellfish, not executing people for breaking the Sabbath, not wearing garments woven with two kinds of material and so on. Then they condemn homosexuality. Aren’t you just picking and choosing what they want to believe from the Bible?’”

To counter this misperception, Keller explained how Scripture must be understood in the context of the unfolding plan of redemption fulfilled in Jesus Christ. This is a helpful and necessary point but there is another side to the nature of Scripture that is too often overlooked.

A context of divine concession

Evangelicals have not always adequately…

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