The Epic Journey of Prayer


I identify with Philip Yancey when he confessed that most of his struggles with the Christian life come down to two themes:

“Why God doesn’t act the way I want Him to, and Why I don’t act the way God wants me to.”


We’ve all been perplexed about unanswered prayer (why God doesn’t act the way I want Him to).

“I readily confess” wrote Yancey, “that I tend to view prayer through a skeptic’s lens, obsessing more about unanswered prayers than rejoicing over answered ones.”

“Of all the activities in which the Christian engages, and which are part of the Christian life, there is surely none which causes so much perplexity, and raises so many problems, as the activity which we call prayer.” (Martyn Lloyd-Jones).

Great perspective on prayer

“Prayer has become for me much more than a shopping list of requests to present to God. It…

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