Silence and solitude needed


  • Have you ever thought about the value of silence? 

Silence is often listed as a spiritual discipline — along with solitude (being alone with God) and secrecy (living for an audience of One) (see: Matthew 6:5-6; 25:34-40; Philippians 2:3; Hebrews 6:10).

Although God said, “it’s not good to be alone,” aloneness is sometimes necessary for doing well together.

Those who walk with God know that silence, solitude and secrecy are indispensable parts of spiritual transformation. They are a means of getting away from the many noises and distractions of life. 

  • But quietness seems to be an endangered quality.

A media saturated culture (dominated by technology), challenges these disciplines.

I am as connected as most people (with iPhone, iPad, and Lap Top to prove it). But I always feel a bit uneasy with the distractions that come with a “connected” life. 

When I walk through our university town between classes most…

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