Five words that changed the world



Jesus said, “I will build my Church” (Matthew 16:18).

Here are five words that have changed the world. They also tell us what Jesus is doing in the world.

This is the earliest reference to Church in the New Testament.

In the New Testament book of Acts we learn that Jesus built His Church through the leadership of the apostles and those appointed by them. As the apostles led people to Christ in various regions, they gathered them in local Churches and appointed leaders over those Churches (Acts 14:21-23).

The earliest gatherings of Christians focused on devotion to, “…the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer” (see, Acts 2:42). There were early indications of simple organization in the first church at Jerusalem telling us that believers knew the number of their members (Acts 2:41; 4:4); united in public worship and prayer meetings (Acts 2:42…

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