How can I walk in God’s will? (12 Essentials)


Knowing and doing the will of God matters to those who know God.

How to know God’s will is more challenging.

Since God doesn’t typically choose to speak audibly to us (I’ve never heard any voices), how can we do His will? 

Should we look to circumstances for divine guidance?

Do internal impressions from the Spirit play a role?

What about counsel from leaders or caring friends?

Each of these might help but there is a more objective standard. Scripture offers a revelation of God himself and his will for us (see: II Timothy 3:15-17).

Few of us struggle to know God’s will on clearly commanded or clearly forbidden issues.

The challenge comes on issues where Scripture doesn’t give specific guidance. This is where we are free to make our own decisions as we walk in the wisdom revealed by God in Scripture. 

When we lack specific biblical directives…

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