Exposing harmful divorce myths


There is almost no misery like the misery of a failing marriage.

Life becomes much harder when a relationship meant for love and companionship becomes one of conflict and distance. 

But is divorce the only escape from a troubled marriage? 

In the US, almost 50% of all first marriages, and 60% of second marriages end in divorce.

One survey indicated that about half of those who divorced later wished that they or their ex-spouse had tried harder to work through their differences. 

Getting a legal divorce is relatively easy; the experience of divorce is far more painful.

Divorce diminishes self-confidence and multiplies a mixture of guilt, anger, and insecurity. It also complicates interpersonal relationships — especially when children are involved.

Divorce is not an easy solution for a troubled marriage, but it’s far worse for the one million children each year in the US who share the experience of…

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