Responsible Citizenship


What does responsible citizenship look like for Christians when they are called to discuss public law and policy?

Does non-participation equal disobedience?

More importantly, what does Christian participation look like in attitude, posture, voice, and overall influence?

The role of Christians in a representative form of democracy has no explicit parallels in Scripture. 

Certainly truths and principles in the Bible about government have application to God’s people in all places  (e.g., Daniel 4Acts 17:26-27;Romans 13:1ffI Peter 2:13-14).

We can look to the prophets and learn about God’s concern for justice and protection of the vulnerable.

Some look to Jesus’ teaching on non-resistance as a guide. Yet this was intended as a personal ethic for His followers so we should not make the mistake of pacifists in applying it to how we function in government — particularly in law enforcement.

The apostle Paul’s appeal…

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