Civilized people need responsible government


Civilized people cannot remain civilized without government. This is a fact of history.

Federal, state and local government is essential to the security and liberty of people. Yet there has always been widespread disagreement over how much government is needed and what it should do.

Many in the U.S. view government as a growing threat to personal liberty. Many also no longer believe that it’s possible for government to reform — at least on the federal level.

It’s not hard to understand this overwhelming feeling that federal government is beyond repair. Perhaps it has become too big and too complicated to reform. More likely government is difficult to change because it has become a complex synergy of bitter partisanship, corruption and reckless spending (built on a system of lies, denial and blame shifting).

All of this has produced a powerful dysfunctional family of Washington bureaucrats who are far too preoccupied…

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