Finding love that lasts a lifetime


Why do people want to get married?

One word: Love

But what is love? A feeling? Chemistry? Infatuation? Some tell me they want to get married because they’re “in love.” Others say they want out of marriage because they no longer love their mate. Is love something we fall into and out of? Or, is love something greater than emotion?

A Great Distinction:Infatuation vs. Genuine falling in love


“Infatuation has been defined as an emotional response to false impressions or mere externals of another that have been overvalued or lusted after. By contrast, genuine falling in love is a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical response to the actual character and total being of another who embodies attributes long sought and admired.” Ed Wheat

Very few marriages begin with this understanding of love.

Perhaps that is partly why over 200,000 marriages each year (in America) don’t reach their…

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