Sovereign Ecclesiastical Consumers


“A growing number of evangelicals are unwilling to commit themselves to any particular congregation. Operating as sovereign ecclesiastical consumers, they hop from church to church looking for the best spiritual deal in town.”

“If evangelicals still value their heritage, they can lament the obscurity into which the church visible has sunk, a tragedy to which they have contributed in both word and deed.”

“Furthermore, they can commit themselves toward a rediscovery of the church in our time, not just out of faithfulness to a tradition, but in devotion to their Lord who promised, ‘I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.'” 

“Evangelicals need to affirm aggressively the necessary connection between faith in Christ and commitment to his church. So called solitary or independent Christians need to be incorporated into the life and discipline of some congregation.  Those who are already church members need…

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One Response to Sovereign Ecclesiastical Consumers

  1. chargfox says:

    Our pastor just touched on this. I told him after service that I was one of those who thought of leaving at one time. But as I began reading the doctrinal statements of other local churches looking for a church to try, I found something in each church that didn’t sit well with some of my beliefs. I realized that there will always be something in any church we won’t agree with so leaving or always changing churches because of disagreements means we’re always going to be looking and never satisfied.

    Jesus said look to Him. Instead we look to the next sermon or choice in music. If we’re offended by others in the church or even by the pastor and elders, it’s because we’ve been looking to them and how they can make us feel better instead of God.

    But there is also a certain amount of responsibility on the other side of this. The pastor and elders are supposed to lead the flocks, lead them in sound doctrine, lead by example, lead with compassion and integrity. In this day and age, it’s not always easy to find such a leader.

    Personally I love the church with more modern music, kids choir, youth drama, etc. But that means a larger church. And that’s not even close to the mega churches. They are a far cry from the churches of Scripture. Perhaps it was because they gathered in homes and were smaller groups that they didn’t have as many people to disagree with as we do today. They actually ate together and got to know one another…something that just doesn’t resemble today’s church.

    But in the end, no one’s perfect. The elder or body. We’re all imperfect. Which is why we have to look to Jesus. He is the only one perfect and the only one who makes us perfect in Him. Not perfect to everyone else who looks at us or has expectations of us but perfect in God’s eyes.

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