7 links worth seeing


Pediatrician’s technique can calm a crying baby in seconds

“A U.S. pediatrician has gone viral in the past two days thanks to his video on how to stop a baby from crying.”

Refugees (an interesting personal experience)

“I cannot help but believe it would be a good thing for our country—and a bad thing for the real terrorists these latest victims are fleeing—if we could figure out how to let these folks in peaceably, with proper vetting for their own safety and ours.”

How I Learned to Live Joyfully A wizened sage named Ecclesiastes tamed my youthful cynicism. (J. I. Packer)

“Being too proud to enjoy the enjoyable is a very ugly shortcoming, and one that calls for immediate correction. Let it be acknowledged that, as I had to learn long ago, discovering how under God ordinary things can bring joy is the cure for cynicism.”

Islam And the Closing of the Secular Mind

“… one of the West’s greatest impediments in its struggle against religious extremism may well the fact that the secular part of its soul turns out to be far less enlightened than anyone imagined possible.”

Learning to Think for Yourself

“It is far too easy for young men to slide into the intellectually lazy mode of simply parroting what some revered pastor or theologian has said or written, or to simply embrace a theological position because that is the acceptable thing to embrace within a particular theological or ecclesiastical camp.”

Is, Ought, and Natures Laws

“The truth is that we cannot talk intelligibly about natural law if we have not all first agreed upon what nature is and accepted in advance that there really is a necessary bond between what is and what should be.”

What does being a New York Times Bestseller even mean?

“Every author dreams of slapping “New York Times Best Seller” on their book jacket. For publishers, it means big exposure. For authors, it validates their popularity. For readers, it means that they’re in the know. But what is The New York Times Bestseller list? How does it work? How can something be an NYT Bestseller, but not necessarily a bestseller elsewhere?”

Steve Cornell

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