Room for normal sadness


Depression and anxiety medications are now the most prescribed drugs by medical practitioners.

I know people who have been greatly helped by some of these medicines. 

Yet the number of people requesting and recieving medication for depression has understandably alarmed sociologists and counselors.

No room for sadness

One of the more important questions is whether or not we have room in our lives for normal sadness. Do we have unrealistic expectations for gregariousness? 

These are questions explored in the helpful book, “The Loss of Sadness: How Psychiatry Transformed Normal Sadness Into Depressive Disorder,” by Alan V. Horwitz and Jerome C. Wakelfield.

The authors suggest that a standard criteria for diagnosing depressive disorder does not adequately distinguish intense normal sadness from biologically disordered sadness. Their aim is to offer a critique of what they view as the “over-expansive psychiatric definitions of disorder.”

They offer helpful insight for distinguishing “sadness due to…

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