The most plausible worldview


Sometimes I am asked why I believe in Christianity and choose to follow the Bible.

Although I am well-aware of arguments against both and the popular misrepresentations, on objective grounds, I simply cannot find an alternative worldview that corresponds with reality as comprehensively as what I find in true Christianity.

This doesn’t mean that I find everything easy to understand or explain because of Christianity.

Life is painfully complicated and parts of the Bible are difficult to comprehend. Some biblical passages are written in cryptic prose; others are hard to absorb emotionally.

Some of the Bible is written in concession to those living in ancient near eastern cultures.

Other parts are just beyond the reach of finite minds. Yet none of this necessarily calls into question the truthfulness of the text. 

I am comfortable acknowledging truths that are beyond my intellectual reach as long as they do not contradict what I know…

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