Three dimensions to God’s will


Jesus taught us to pray, “Your will, God, be done on earth as it is in heaven.” 

So much that happens on earth is not God’s will. But wait! God is sovereign over all things! How can it be that His will is not being done?

Understanding how God’s will functions in a fallen world requires knowledge of three dimensions to His will.

1. God’s prescriptive will

God promised Abraham and his offspring the Land of Canaan for an inheritance (Gen. 12).  He commanded them to dwell in the land to claim it for their inheritance.  In accordance with this God commanded Isaac; ‘Do not go down to Egypt’ (Gen. 26:2). This was God’s prescriptive will. It is what he desired for them. This prescriptive sense of God’s will involves only good.  

2. God’s permissive will

It’s only in the permissive sense of God’s will that he allows some…

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