Psychology, medicine, big business and theology


For almost three decades of pastoral ministry, I’ve had a deeply personal interest in sources behind human behavior. It’s an area of research that has occupied consistent space in my studies.

Over the past decade or so, I’ve felt a growing uneasiness about the relationship between psychology and business. The new authority in behavioral science involves a dangerous merger of biopsychology, pharmacology, medicine and the insurance industry.

The time has come for more thoughtful conversation about this alliance.

As the fields of counseling, psychotherapy and bio-psychiatry have become profit-driven, I’ve grown more concerned about the market interests behind these disciplines. It’s worth asking if the narratives used for assessing behavior are potentially self-serving to business interests in ways that could hurt the very people in need of help.

Major shift  

Professional opinion on sources behind human behavior has undergone a relatively recent social revolution. The two most prominent…

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