Unlocking the enigma of our existence


images-99Telling our story requires contrasting terms. Our vocabulary must reflect narratives of good and evil; love and hate; beauty and cruelty;  life and death. Themes of dignity and depravity are relentlessly recurrent in all cultures – at all times — in all lives. 

  • Why do we need words of contrast to explain ourselves? 
  • Wouldn’t it be great if we only needed terms of honor and dignity to tell our story?

The necessary vocabulary for telling a truthful account of human history must include descriptions of deep, dark depravity. 

On a personal level

Although we all experience times of happiness and peace, thoughtful and honest people know that things are not the way they’re supposed to be. Why do we share this intuitive sense that things were meant to be better? Some will say it’s about an evolutionary kind of survival. But even if that is that case, is a narrative…

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