Life with God


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I have a faithful and loving Creator who knows me and loves me. I am here by design not by accident. Although I have sinned against my Creator, He has made a way for me to be forgiven and restored to him. God has a purpose for my life and desires a relationship with me.

Restored to God

I admit that I am unworthy of God’s forgiveness and love. I realize that I cannot restore my relationship with God through my own efforts. I believe that Jesus Christ lived the perfect life I could not live and took the penalty my sin deserved on himself when he died on the cross. I believe that Jesus Christ delivered me from the curse of death by breaking the power of death in his resurrection. I place my faith in Jesus Christ alone for forgiveness of my sin and for 

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One Response to Life with God

  1. Harbans says:

    I love Him because He has created me for a purpose and that purpose is dear to me. I am really very thankful to him for all He has given me. :)) Regards

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