Are you weak or strong?


Two Groups found in most Churches:

  1. Weak in faith- (Romans 14:1;15:1)
  2. Strong in Faith (Romans 15:1)
  • Weak – Those who feel bound to abide by rules and traditions that are not required by God’s absolutes.
  • Strong – Those who do not feel bound by rules and traditions outside of God’s absolutes.

The weak of Romans 14 & 15 were mainly Hebrew Christians who refrained from certain kinds of foods and observed certain days out of loyalty to what they thought the Mosaic Law required. (Rom. 14:2, 5, 21 w/17). They were migrating back to Rome after passing of the edict of Claudius that expelled Jews from Rome. They were rejoining assemblies that had become predominantly gentile in background.

What does it meant to be weak in faith?

Faith is used with reference to their convictions about what they believed the faith forbid and what it allowed. They are not weak in character but in conscience.

  • Romans…

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