When Christians Disagree


Disunity among Christians is often directly related to an inability (or unwillingness) to handle debatable matters properly. There are several reasons for this problem.

Consider three reasons

  1. Consider what I call the four “C’s” process.
  • A believer becomes Convinced about a particular issue. She has found “lots” of biblical support for her position (not a direct statement from the bible but plenty of principles “obviously” pointing in the direction of her viewpoint).
  • Next, she begins to Crusade concerning for her position. It is not enough to personally arrive at such a conclusion, it must become a cause for crusading.
  • Subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) the crusader then begins to Condemn those who do not see it her way. “How could they be so indifferent?” she questions. This gives the crusader feelings of superiority for having attained a “higher” level of obedience.
  • There is one more “C”. The convinced crusader who condemns others is often

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